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Space to Play

I was given the task of designing a space to play, and for me, I love the feeling of flying! In the below description I talk about my process, but for my final model, I include several forms of flying (marked with blue on the image below). I have zip-lining between buildings, a fireman's pole, rock-wall, swings, and a bouncy balloon slide. My space is located on top of a building, in order to highlight this feeling. Many of these apparatuses are made of clear material, to give the appearance of flying when looking down at the city below.

I was first inspired by large swings and balloon trampolines, and thus when creating by concept model, I decided to explore the idea of clear trampolines. I added these balloons on different platforms, thinking of people hypothetically jumping up to the different levels. Then creating a more realistic, habitual model, I had a central tower to bring you up either by rock-wall or elevator, so you could jump down on the balloons. I also added multiple elements for other people, such as sitting areas, a zip-line, swings, and fireman's pole. My different platforms also allowed you to access the rock-wall from multiple levels. In my last model, I created a scale and added texture, so people can experience how transparent materials play into the effect of flying. For the future, I would like to elaborate the idea of zip-lining across many buildings, so instead of traveling by subway through a city, you can zip between buildings for fun! I also want to expand my idea of entering the rock-wall from different platforms to having the balloon slide wrap around the tower so people can experience it from all angles. 

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