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After two years, I finally finished this piece. It started off being a project for my high school sophomore class, but grew to be so much more. My national art society in high school created this piece where we let paint fall on top of a block of wood, which gave me the idea to look on YouTube for more projects where something is "melting" or "falling." That is where I received the idea to melt crayons with a hairdryer. I lined up the colors in rainbow order. Then, as for my sophomore English final, I sketched a drawing which encompassed a few themes from books I read. This picture was originally intended to be oriented vertically. I glued the crayons along the edges of the sketch, so as they melted, they would cover the whole outline. Then I decided that it looked, per se, stupid. So I scratched that idea and went with something different for my final. However, I didn't want to get rid of the melted crayons, which looked cool and took a whole day to the cold garage with everyone telling me to stop this nonsense. These two halves of melted crayon pictures sat on my fireplace for a year, and after a year I finally figured out what to do with them: I put them sideways and painting a picture to go in-between them, which is raised up by white pieces of paper.

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